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Partnering with BizAssure Premium Business Consulting, our policies get you access to legal, accounting and human resources.  This partnership brings you an average of $800 per employee, per year savings.

We offer the following free business consulting services:

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Workers’ Compensation and Safety

  • Safety Service Training
  • Claims Management and Consulting
  • Employee Benefits

Human Resources and Employee Relations

  • Employee Practices and Labor Law
  • Accounting and Legal Consulting
  • Wellness Program

Webinars Onsite Training

  • Employee issues (like Diversity and Discriminations)
  • Customer Service
  • Best Hiring Practices
  • Technology Management
  • HR Management
  • Management Practices
  • AB1825 Sexual Harassment for Managers

What is BizAssure Premium Business Consulting?

BizAssure is a consulting tool to get the advice and tips you need for your business. They provide various services, like HR, accounting, legal, OSHA, safety, and many others so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

What do these services cost?

BizAssure services are offered to you [for free or at a significant discount] because of our exclusive partner relationship.

How do I take advantage of these services?

Contact Jon Oaks to learn more about how our partnership with BizAssure can benefit your business.

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