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Trampolines and Swimming Pools: What to Know About Attractive Nuisances

Trampolines and Swimming Pools: What to Know About Attractive Nuisances

Well, summer has arrived. I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy outdoor activities but staying cool when you can.

With summer upon us, I wanted to take a moment to discuss two items that get a great deal of use in the summer months and how they might affect your liability coverage: trampolines and swimming pools.

In the insurance world, these things are referred to as attractive nuisances. That means that they can draw people to their location whether the homeowner is home or not. With additional people comes additional exposure and risk.

Swimming Pools:
A few things to discuss if you have a swimming pool or might be considering putting one in. In general, most carriers do not charge an additional premium for the swimming pool itself. They may have some underwriting guidelines that need to be followed in order to have the carrier insure the pool, but they will not charge an additional premium.

For above-ground pools, the carriers might require a fenced yard or a locking gate/ladder, or both. The idea behind all of these is that someone must get through a locked gate or hop a fence to get to the pool.

In-ground pools usually require a fence and locking gate around the pool itself. It is the same concept as the above ground pool — they want to make sure that someone cannot just walk right into the pool. In-ground pools might also have a slide and diving board, which can be difficult insurance risks. Some carriers might not cover them at all or might charge an additional premium for the exposure. The underwriting for the boards and slides revolves around the depth of the water in the pool where the slide/board are located, the age of kids in the home, and so on.

Trampolines are another concern. Carriers range from an absolute “no” on trampolines to some coverage if they have a net. For the most part, it is difficult to obtain coverage for a trampoline without a net. With a net, some carriers will provide coverage.

I recall speaking to an orthopedic surgeon who said that 4 of every 10 kids that he saw with a broken bone came from trampolines. They are the definition of an attractive nuisance in the insurance world. We see all kinds of loss: broken feet and arms on kids, hips and knees for parents and grandparents, and so on. They are very fun, but also can increase your liability exposure.

If you have any of these things or would like to discuss further, please give us a call.

Thanks again for allowing us to insure your families.

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