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Tips to Prepare for Winter Driving

Tips to Prepare for Winter Driving

At Lindow, we’re extremely grateful to live in the Midwest where we get to experience the beauty of all four seasons. Many of our agents are born and raised in Wisconsin, giving us a special appreciation for snowmen and cross country skiing.

Unfortunately, though, living in our wonderful state means our cars also experience all four seasons. And Midwest winters can be harsh.

With snowy, icy conditions right around the corner, it’s important that you prepare your vehicle for inclement weather ahead of time. Follow these easy winter driving tips below to ensure you and your car make it to spring unharmed!

Get a full mechanical check-up on your vehicle.

First things first: Make sure your vehicle is running flawlessly before the difficult weather even starts. Get your battery, lights, engine, and oil checked prior to the first snowfall.

Replace old wiper blades, filters, and tires.

Bald tires, bad filters, and inadequate wiper blades can be a nightmare in the snow. Making sure these items are in proper working condition can be the difference between staying on the road or landing yourself in a ditch.

Keep your gas tank at least a quarter full.

By keeping your gas tank as far away from empty as possible, you’ll ensure that your gas lines don’t freeze up when temperatures dip below freezing. Try to never let it drop below a quarter — if you drive frequently, it can be helpful to set a weekly reminder to top off your tank.

Keep an emergency supply kit in your car.

An ice scraper, jumper cables, non-perishable food items, gloves, and hand warmers are just a few things you should include in your supply kit. Looking for more comprehensive supply kit ideas? Find the Department of Homeland Security’s emergency supply kit suggestions.

Always wear your seatbelt

Did you know that more than half of adults and teens who died in a vehicle collision in 2015 were unrestrained at the time of the crash? Every time you get into your vehicle, make sure all passengers — including yourself — put their seatbelt on properly. This is even more important in dangerous winter driving conditions.

Stay safe and enjoy the season!

Following these easy winter safety tips will help protect you and your family from the potential hazards of winter weather. With that said, at Lindow we know accidents can happen even despite all your preparation. If you find yourself in a collision this season, we’re here to support you. Be sure to give us a call if you have any questions about your auto insurance coverage!

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