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They Never Left Our Side

They Never Left Our Side

When they built their home a decade or so ago, Dave & Kirsten Cerroni never imagined that their windows would need to be replaced so soon.  The home was built by a very reputable area builder with no indication of faulty installation, but they had noticed the some of the seals were leaking and moisture had begun to rot the window frames.

Not knowing what steps to take next, they called their agent at American Advantage – Lindow. This prompted an inspection and investigation to determine what had happened and who was financially responsible. The replacement cost numbered in the tens of thousands and the Cerroni’s may have to foot the bill.

It was later determined that the window sashes and other components had failed due to hail damage from a storm that had hit the neighborhood nearly a year earlier. This was a cause the Cerroni family had not considered and it was discovered that the window manufacturer had since gone out of business. The American Advantage team assisted the family with submitting the claim and stayed by their side throughout the challenging discussions and negotiations with the insurance carrier.  Ultimately their insurance would cover the full replacement cost and save them tens of thousands of dollars and quite a few headaches.

“The end result could not have been achieved without the assistance from the Lindow team. They assisted us from start to finish and never left our side.”  said Dave.  “I’m grateful for their dedication and tireless work.”

American Advantage – Lindow is more than an insurance agency.  They’re a partner that will never leave your side.

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