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Summer in Wisconsin – Staycation Ideas

Summer in Wisconsin – Staycation Ideas

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe that summer is almost over. It’s really flown by considering all that has been going on. With travel down so much, we have been trying to find different things to do around the area, a staycation if you will. Here are a few ideas from clients and my family that might give you an idea on how to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

As many of you know, my family is really into live sports, particularly baseball. Did you know there is an independent league team playing live baseball currently? They are called the Milwaukee Milkmen. They play in Franklin at an athletic complex called The Roc. The venue is very nice with plenty of room to social distance. There is a very entertaining vibe with an excellent mascot and a DJ to keep the crowd engaged. They only have a few weeks left and are in the midst of a home stand now. Check out the website for more information.

There are also some pretty cool opportunities around Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. One that I heard about recently was renting a paddle boat. This is a self-propelled boat that you can paddle along the shoreline on. I believe you can get from McKinley Marina all the way down to South Shore (or at least close). You can see the Summerfest grounds and some other neat landmarks from a different perspective out on the lake.

Finally, I have seen a lot of cool pictures and heard great stories about families camping. There are a lot of great local state and county parks in the area where you can camp. One close by is Ottawa Park. It’s a very nice place with a lake and everything you need to unplug for a few days for some family fun before starting back up with school.

Check out our Facebook page for additional opportunities and share your staycation ideas with us!

In the meantime, everyone stay healthy and safe.

Thanks again for allowing us to protect your families.


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