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Are You Getting the Benefits of Spring Cleaning?

Are You Getting the Benefits of Spring Cleaning?

The snow has melted, temperatures are rising, and spring is here. This season of renewal is one of our favorites! Who isn’t looking forward to fields of flowers and green grass?

While we enjoy the growth around us, we’ve put together some spring cleaning tips so you can enjoy the benefits of spring cleaning — and ensure your house is protected for the seasons ahead.

#1 Check your home’s exterior.

Take a loop around your home. Be sure to pay special attention to your siding, roof, and gutters. Are there any cracks that might let pests get in or cool air out? Are any shingles damaged or missing? Is there a clog preventing your gutters from draining properly?

You can take care of small problems like removing tree branches from a gutter yourself, but you might want to enlist a professional for help with anything more serious.

Winter can be harsh on Wisconsin homes — it’s important to weatherproof your house during spring cleaning to prepare it for the coming rain and heat.

#2 Take a look at your air conditioning unit.

Soon we’ll need to turn on the air conditioning instead of the heat. While we’re excited for the warmth outside, it’s important to make sure your AC unit is in top shape so that you don’t have to sweat in your own home. Examine the outside of your unit and wipe it down while checking for any unusual wear. Change or wash your filters to make sure the air that circulates is as clean as can be.

This is also a great time to look at all of your ducts to remove any dirt or dust accumulation. Indoor air pollution often goes undetected, but it can be a big threat to your family’s health.

#3 Replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Make sure you have a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in every main area of your house and check that the batteries are fresh. More than a third of deadly fires happen in homes without working smoke alarms — these simple devices can keep dangers from turning into tragedies.

#4 Wipe down and examine any hidden surfaces.

It’s tedious, but it makes a difference: go through and wipe down all your cabinets and drawers. Dust can quickly accumulate in their nooks and crannies, making whatever you store in them dirty as a result.

This also gives you an opportunity to take a close look at how your shelves are holding up. Pay attention to cracks or chips and repair them before they cause a bigger issue.

An added bonus? When you put everything back in, you can make sure it’s organized just the way you want!

#5 Make a to-do list.

There might be a lot of other projects you want to get done when you think about spring cleaning: organizing that overflowing closet, rearranging the basement, and so on. It’s helpful to make a to-do list of your biggest priorities and break them into small steps. You don’t have to do everything in one day or weekend. Give yourself the freedom to declutter and clean little by little, and enjoy the season in the interim!

Find something that might impact your insurance policies?

Avoiding costly home repairs reveals why spring cleaning is important. By methodically going through your home and checking systems that are usually out of mind, you can identify issues before they escalate.

If you have questions about how anything you notice might affect your insurance policies, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Lindow Insurance agent! We’re always here to help protect you and your home.

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