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Road Trip Safety Tips to Keep In Mind

Road Trip Safety Tips to Keep In Mind

With just a few weeks left of summer before the kids go back to school, it’s time to take that family road trip you’ve been planning for months! Whether you’re going camping with the family a few hours away or taking a cross-country road trip, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you prepare for your journey!

1. Get a tune up!
Head over to your local automotive shop and get a full check up on your vehicle to ensure your engine, breaks and tires are all in working order. Things can always happen, but making sure your car is in the best condition before embarking on a road trip could help catch any major problems.

2. A good night of sleep goes a long way.
Making sure you’re well rested before you start your road trip is extremely important. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving while drowsy is a factor in more than 100,000 accidents every year. Don’t become part of that statistic – get a great night of sleep before hitting the road.

3. Make sure you have the proper emergency equipment in your car.
Pack an emergency kit ahead of time that includes jumper cables, flares, a spare tire and tools to change a tire, blankets, first aid kit and water bottles. You can never be too prepared!

4. Put the phone away while driving.
It’s no secret that distracted driving is the cause of the vast majority of car accidents annually. Set your GPS ahead of time and put your phone away to avoid any temptation. If you need to use your phone for GPS, turn it to do not disturb mode and let someone else take the calls or respond to texts during your trip!

5. Buckle up!
Wearing your seat belt is the most effective way to avoid injury in the event of a vehicle collision. Make sure everyone, especially your little ones, is buckled up properly every time your vehicle is in motion!

Family road trips are a great way to spend time with your loved ones before your kids head back to school, but there are also risks any time you drive for extended periods of time. Prepare for all the risks ahead of time so you can skip the worrying and have a blast with your family! And as always, if you have questions on your coverage in case of an emergency, contact your Lindow Insurance agent today!

Happy road-tripping!


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