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Road Safety Tips From AAL Insurance Agent Steve Frederick

Road Safety Tips From AAL Insurance Agent Steve Frederick

American Advantage agent Steve Frederick has been in the insurance business for more than 20 years now. He takes pride in helping his community, understanding how important timely information is — he gets back to his clients as fast as possible even on nights and weekends.

These are his top priorities as a supportive, hometown agent:

  • Always be honest about what clients do and do not need.
  • Never pressure anyone to buy anything.
  • Be as prompt as possible in communication.
  • Be open to helping family and friends with their needs, too!

Steve grew up in Kenosha and attended UW-Parkside. After college, he worked as a journeyman electrician for 13 years in the union, putting in 80-90 hours a week. While he enjoyed his profession, he decided he wanted a career change — and that’s when he discovered his passion for insurance.

Steve lives with his wife, Jennifer, and has two young-adult step children named Hailey and Hunter. His biggest hobby is movies — he built a top-notch home theater entirely on his own!

Road Safety Tips from Steve

Steve and his wife recently took a road trip from Wisconsin to Clearwater, Florida. He towed a fully loaded 6×12 trailer along the way! Here are some things he did to ensure safety on the drive:

  • Made sure all tires were at the proper inflation
  • Confirmed all vehicle lights were in working order
  • Had the insurance ID card with them
  • Kept vehicle fluids at the correct level
  • Carried an emergency road kit in case of a flat tire or other issue

When planning a similar trip, Steve recommends calling your insurance agent to verify your current coverage and see if you need any additional protection for your upcoming adventure.

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