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Navigating the Complexities of the Habitational Commercial Insurance Market in 2023

Navigating the Complexities of the Habitational Commercial Insurance Market in 2023

The habitational commercial insurance market in 2023 is experiencing a multitude of factors that significantly impact property owners. From increasing property rates due to storm activity and reinsurance to widespread underinsurance, property owners must adapt to these challenges. This article will explore the various factors impacting the habitational commercial insurance market, providing insights into how Wisconsin property owners can navigate this complex landscape.

At Lindow Insurance, our knowledgeable insurance experts are well-equipped to help you protect your property investments through diversification and layering of deductibles, coverages, and more.

  • Property Rate Increases and the Impact on Habitational Risks

When property rates increase as a result of storm activity, reinsurance, or other factors, habitational risks are typically the first to feel the effects and often suffer the most significant consequences. In 2023, this trend extends beyond traditional habitational properties to include commercial retail and office spaces. As a result, property owners in both habitational and commercial sectors must be prepared for these fluctuations, ensuring they maintain adequate insurance coverage to protect their investments.

  • Underinsurance and the Need for Updated Values

In the current market, many properties are underinsured, leaving owners exposed to significant financial risks. The carriers that have been heavily involved in the habitational commercial insurance space in recent years are likely to experience double-digit increases in rates, necessitating updated values and often increased deductibles. To protect against potential losses, property owners must ensure their coverage reflects the current value of their properties, including any improvements or updates that have been made since their last valuation.

Wisconsin still experiences, on average, 23 tornadoes per year. The high winds and severe storms that can accompany tornadoes pose serious hazards to commercial properties in Wisconsin.  It’s critical for large habitational property owners to be properly insured.

  • Diversification Through a Variety of Markets

Having access to a variety of markets is essential for property owners seeking to maintain comprehensive insurance coverage in 2023. As some carriers begin to enter the habitational commercial insurance market, they may not be as impacted by the challenges facing more established carriers. By working with a diverse group of carriers, property owners can tailor their coverage to their unique needs, whether they own older, updated properties, new developments, or something in between. At Lindow Insurance, we have established relationships with a wide range of carriers, enabling us to connect our clients with the best-fit coverage for their specific situations.

  • Importance of Understanding Coverage Differences and Risk Management

The differences in coverage can be significant depending on whether a property is insured for replacement cost, how deductibles are layered in, and other factors. To secure competitive rates, property owners must participate in risk management efforts, such as maintaining higher deductibles, ensuring proper building maintenance, and more. Understanding the nuances of coverage and the importance of risk management can help property owners protect their investments and secure the best possible rates in the future.


In the face of increasing property rates, underinsurance, and other challenges, property owners must be proactive in their approach to habitational commercial insurance. By diversifying carrier options, understanding coverage differences, and participating in risk management, owners can safeguard their properties and remain competitive in the market. This is where an experienced, knowledgeable insurance expert, like the experts at Lindow Insurance, can help protect property owners through diversification and layering of deductibles, coverages, and more. To learn about our comprehensive insurance solutions and how we can help you navigate the complex landscape of habitational commercial insurance in 2023, schedule a quick consultation today.

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