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From Just Another Number to a True Partner

From Just Another Number to a True Partner

Mason is a thirty-something husband and dad who felt the squeeze to buy a new house. Needing more space for his growing family, Mason and his wife decided to go for it and buy a new house. For over 10 years prior to this move, Mason was a loyal customer to his home and auto insurance carrier. He had no issues or complaints until the unthinkable happened.

About a year after moving into his new home, Mason got the phone call no one wants to get. His wife called with the terrible news, that his fully finished basement had flooded! Three of the four rooms were a full of water. The family’s sump pump had failed as well as the backup pump. As overwhelming as this situation was, Mason wasn’t worried and promptly called his insurance carrier. Per normal protocol with this type of incident, the insurance carrier instructed Mason to immediately call a home restoration service to get the clean up started.

The Insurance company insured Mason that everything would be covered besides his small deductible. A few hours later Mason received a call back from the insurance carrier to his disbelief, the sump pump rider was missing and nothing was covered! For some reason with the move to the new house, the sump pump rider was not put onto the new house. Trusting his insurance carrier, Mason didn’t ask or question the policy on the new house. Why would he… for over 10 years he had no issues. He now had thousands of dollars of out of pocket costs to fix the basement.

Feeling like he was partially at fault, because he didn’t check and just trusted the insurance company when they moved, Mason decided to research an Insurance Agency and an Agent to work with instead of going directly to the carrier. At this point some wisdom that comes with age kicked in, “It isn’t about the cheapest price any more, it is about knowing I am being taken care of.” He wanted someone to understand his life situation and help to guide him. After some research, Mason found American Advantage- Lindow Agency, he promptly made an appointment. During the meeting, Mason found them to be very thorough with all the questions, even asking about a sump pump rider, without them even knowing about the previous situation! As a result of this meeting, Mason moved his home and auto coverages to American Advantage. They met all of his needs and also went above and beyond to look at all coverages. With an addition of an Umbrella policy, this would make sure there was more then enough money to cover any issues that may arise. Mason is now paying less for all of his insurance coverage than what he did with his previous carrier. In the end the personal relationship and someone understanding his life situation is what Mason was looking for, and American Advantage has given him that!

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