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Life Changes Bring Policy Changes

Life Changes Bring Policy Changes

Hi all,

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Wanted to take a moment and expand on our blog for the month which has to do with change and transitions. Fitting for all of the crazy things happening in the world right now.

We all go through a fair amount of change in our lives.

  • Maybe you purchase your first home or a different home.
  • Maybe your household is growing with the addition of children or getting smaller with graduating children.
  • Perhaps you got married or are going through a separation.
  • You may be changing jobs, getting a first job, or retiring.

Of course, in Wisconsin, the weather brings seasonal change as well.

From an insurance perspective, all of these things could change the way your insurance is structured. Life changes can create the need to review your policies, including your property and casualty and life insurance needs.

When a life change does occur, like purchasing a home, getting married, or starting a family, it’s a great time to review your insurance policies to ensure you’re fully covered and protected. This step is commonly overlooked as these events occur, but is so important.

Your property and casualty needs will change as well. It can be something as simple as putting a car away for winter or taking it out for summer, retiring and driving less miles, moving to a different area, kids graduating college and moving on, or getting married.

All of these things trigger changes in your insurance coverage. It is critical to let your agent know so that these things can get addressed correctly and we can continue to provide the best coverage and service that we can. Of course, your agent will call to review things from time to time as well and hopefully, at a minimum, things can get addressed at that time.

Bottom line, a change in your life probably means a call to your insurance agent to review your policies and make necessary adjustments in your insurance portfolio.

Curious to see if your insurance needs have shifted? Give us a call anytime, we are here to assist you.

Thanks again for allowing us to protect your families.


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