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Enjoy a Stress-Free Vacation with these Helpful Home Safety Tips

Enjoy a Stress-Free Vacation with these Helpful Home Safety Tips

Ah, vacation! You plan it, you wait for it (for what seems like forever) and now it’s finally here! But are you as prepared as you possibly could be? The last thing you want to do while on vacation is worry that your home isn’t safe. Luckily, you can avoid this unnecessary worry by following these home safety steps to keep everything intact and safe from break-ins while you enjoy some fun in the sun!

  • Ask someone to keep an eye on things for you.

Whether it’s a neighbor, friend or family member, ask some you trust to keep an eye on your house while you’re gone. They can pick up your mail or packages as well as make sure nothing looks awry.

  • Set your lights to a timer.

Many people leave one light on the whole time they are on vacation. This can look suspicious as most people do not leave lights on in their house all through the night. Make it more believable that someone is home by setting your lights on a timer.

  • Be conscious of what you post on social media.

Oversharing on social media can be dangerous, especially when you go on vacation. In our connected world, it’s extremely tempting to share your good times on social media. Unfortunately, this also broadcasts to everyone that your home is unoccupied. If you share on social media, make sure it’s just with your trusted family and friends, or after coming home from the trip.

  • Unplug electronics.

Unplug any appliances or electronics you can while away on vacation. This will help protect your home from an electrical fire or power surge, along with saving you money on unnecessary electricity use! This goes for things such as TVs, toasters, computers or other small appliances.

  • Of course, lock everything.

It goes without saying, but make sure all windows and doors are locked before leaving for your trip. Properly secure your main doors, windows, sliding doors and garage doors prior to your departure. Additionally, it’s wise to remove your “hide-a-key” you may have hidden near your front door. Thieves and burglars know the common hiding spots and they will take their time searching for that spare key.

Vacation should be a stress-free getaway to spend time with your family or loved ones. By going through these security steps before leaving, you’ll ensure that your home is waiting safe and sound upon your return. If you’re curious about more ways to protect your home and make sure you’re properly covered for any situation, call one of our helpful agents today! We’re always happy to help make sure you and your family are as protected as possible.


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