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Four Details Easily Missed When Buying Insurance

Four Details Easily Missed When Buying Insurance

There are a lot of things that go into a great insurance policy. Most of us are familiar with the big-ticket items like coverage amounts and annual costs, but it’s easy to miss these smaller, yet just as important, tells.

Company Ratings and Reviews
Insurance companies are regularly rated by J.D. Power. These measurements take into account their coverage options, customer service, and independent financial strength. If you want a policy you can trust for the long haul, it’s a good idea to check your insurance provider’s ratings before signing on.

Additionally, customer reviews measure the less technical, but equally important elements of insurance carriers, like how their coverage plays out in real life and whether or not they respond quickly to client concerns.

Affordable Premiums
Most consumers are keenly aware of how much they’ll be paying each month for their insurance, but many never take the time to really shop around for the best deal. Instead of just accepting the first price that seems reasonable, it’s a good idea to compare similar policies from multiple carriers to be sure you’re not overpaying for coverage you could find elsewhere.

An independent insurance agent like the ones here at Lindow Insurance can do this for you so you can avoid comparing policies on your own.

Many insurance companies offer a range of discounts depending on your lifestyle and insurance history. Some of these are obvious, like the multi-policy “bundle” discounts commonly advertised on big-name commercials, while others are a bit harder to find.

Some common discounts include safe driving deals, price reductions for homeowners insurance when you have extra safety devices installed, discounts for owning a home instead of renting, and more.

Don’t just trust a carrier’s website or commercial materials to tell you everything that’s out there — ask your insurance agent if you’re taking advantage of all available discounts before you decide on a policy.

Customer Service
Customer service might seem secondary when you’re really just looking for an affordable rate or only buying insurance because it’s required by law. In reality, though, the way you’re treated by your insurance agent and company is one of the most important things to consider.

If you experience an accident and have to file any sort of claim, you’ll be dealing directly with your insurance agent. No one wants to be belittled or treated like a number in that sort of stressful situation.

At Lindow, we’re proud of the personalized care we show every client. Being an independent agency gives us the ability to shop around and offer an array of coverage options from multiple carriers, all while maintaining our quality, hometown customer service. If you’re in need of a new policy from a company who truly has your back, get in touch for your no-obligation quote today!

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