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Five Key Tips to Survive Virtual Learning

Five Key Tips to Survive Virtual Learning

As COVID-19 safer at home orders affect every community in the Midwest, we’re living in one of the most tumultuous seasons of our entire lives — and we’re asking more of our country’s parents than ever before.

Not only are many of us expected to continue working full time while adjusting to new technology use, but we also need to keep our kids productive as they learn from home. Being an employee, teacher, and caregiver all in one is no small feat!

We’re here to help. Take a look at five key tips to survive virtual learning.

Set a schedule for your household

Setting a schedule for your household helps your family prioritize what really needs to get done.

First things first

A popular productivity idea called “first things first” is more relevant than ever during the coronavirus pandemic chaos. It suggests that when you structure your day around the most important things — and work in less vital tasks around them instead of the other way around — you’re able to get everything done.

If you spend too much time worrying over trivial details, though, you quickly find yourself overwhelmed.

When thinking about your household’s routine, make sure to start with items you absolutely have to accomplish. We’re going to need to let some expectations go during the reality of COVID-19, but a thoughtful schedule can be a great way to maintain productivity!

Some things to include:

  • Meals
  • Exercise
  • Hygiene tasks
  • Family time
  • Vital meetings and projects

Take advantage of free resources

One bright side of nationwide safer at home initiatives? The sudden availability of free learning resources!

Hundreds of companies have stepped up to the plate, determined to provide families everywhere with access to education and entertainment (often all at the same time). Not only is this a great way to give your “teacher brain” a break — it can also encourage your kids to practice independence and self-directed exploration.

Here are a few places to start:

Use this time to embrace new interests

The truth is that your children probably aren’t going to learn quite as much traditional math or reading during the coronavirus as they would in their classrooms — and that’s okay.

The availability of free virtual learning resources means it’s easier than ever to embrace new interests. Now is a great opportunity to help your children focus on the things they find interesting and for you to learn more about each other as a family.

Common core standards are important, and once things get back to a semblance of normal, our students will adjust again quickly. In the meantime, though, try to roll with wherever the learning takes you!

Mix old-school learning techniques with screen time

The benefits of virtual resources are undeniable, but it’s important to make sure you’re mixing in some old-school techniques as well. Too much screen time isn’t healthy for anyone — especially young students.

Writing notes by hand with a pencil or reading from a paper book are better for us in many ways. Traditional methods:

  • Are easier on your eyes
  • Don’t disrupt your circadian rhythm
  • Encourage faster reading comprehension
  • Lead to stronger information retention

If you or your kids are struggling to focus, it’s time to step away from the screens for a while.

Give your kids breaks — and take them for yourself

Perhaps most important to remember during this unprecedented crisis is the importance of taking breaks.

The pressure is on in a myriad of ways right now. While it might seem like the most productive solution is to never stop working, the truth is that pushing too hard only undermines your progress.

Kids can’t focus for too many hours straight — and you shouldn’t expect yourself to, either. Don’t be afraid of short, frequent breaks throughout the day that allow you to move your body and reset your mind!

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