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Easy Ways To Prep Your Car For Spring

Easy Ways To Prep Your Car For Spring

It’s that time of year where the snow is melting (or has already melted), you hear the birds chirping and the days are slowing getting longer…we’ve made it to Spring!

 Now, most people don’t think about getting your car “ready” for Spring, but it is a vital step towards your overall vehicle’s health and value. Here are some tips and tricks to help you prep your car as we ease into this nicer weather:

 1. You’ll want to take your car to a good car wash and spend the extra money for the best wash they have. The number one thing you want to make sure of is that they complete an “underbody flush” which gets rid of all that extra salt. After taking it through the carwash, it is a perfect time of year to put a coat of wax on your vehicle to protect it from the wet weather and sunshine that ensues. The wax will help prevent rusting and continue to maximize your investment.

2. Once you are done cleaning the outside of your car, it is very important to clean the inside as well (especially near the pedal where extra salt builds up). I find it easiest to simply vacuum out what you can, but then take a wet cloth and soak the areas where the salt builds up. Gently rub the salt out until you break down the hard buildup (repeat as needed). Then use a wet/dry vac to clean it all up.

3. It’s also a great time to change out your wiper blades as they work overtime during the winter with scraping off ice and snow (especially if your wipers are leaving any streaks on your glass).

4. Next, check your battery for any unnecessary corrosion. Take a little extra time to spray clean your engine compartment as well. 

5. Make sure your tires have adequate pressure as they can get low during colder months which can cause unwanted wear and tear. This might even be a good time to get them rotated as well.

6. While inspecting the tires, it’s also important to check the brakes. During the winter time, brakes usually take on a bigger role.This is something your local auto mechanic can check for you.

7. Lastly, you’re going to want to check all your fluids; oil, transmission and coolant to make sure they are all at proper levels.You may even want to consult with your local auto mechanic to see if it is an appropriate time to change out any of those fluids. 

Most auto mechanic shops will be able to complete a very detailed inspection as a courtesy or very small charge and is definitely worth it.  Once all these steps are completed, your car will be ready for Spring! 

As always, thank you for trusting Lindow Insurance to protect your family or business. 


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