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Black Friday Safety Hazards to Watch Out For

Black Friday Safety Hazards to Watch Out For

Black Friday is a great day to find the best deals and shop till you drop! Going out and hitting the stores on the biggest shopping day of the year can be a blast, but there are also quite a few safety risks that go along with it.

With so many people flocking to retail locations in search of bargains, safety hazards like theft and car collisions increase greatly. Many drivers and shoppers are running on very little sleep and are amped up on caffeine, and this can cause very dangerous conditions on the road and in the stores. In addition, there’s also the risk of theft to worry about. Luckily, there are a few tips you can follow to help keep yourself as safe as possible while getting all those amazing Black Friday deals!

Shopping Safety

  • Keep your purse and/or wallet zipped up and close to your body to deter others from trying to steal.
  • Try to stick to using the same credit card throughout the day. Additionally, credit cards are easier to cancel and harder to steal large sums of money from than debit cards. Keep an eye on your statement in the weeks following to make sure your information hasn’t been compromised.
  • Don’t fight or argue about items you want to purchase. No material object is worth your safety!
  • Avoid walking and shopping alone – there is strength and safety in numbers, especially at those midnight store openings.

Car Safety

  • Be patient! It’s easy to get frustrated while trying to find a parking spot or sitting in long lines of traffic, but rage on the roads leads to accidents. Try to remain calm – getting angry won’t get you to your destination any faster.
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area, especially if you’re shopping late at night. When you get back to your car after shopping, thoroughly check the area before getting back in again – criminals have been known to hide under cars.
  • If possible, store your shopping bags in your trunk or other compartments out of sight. This could help reduce the risk of someone breaking into your vehicle.
  • Write down where you park to ensure you don’t forget and aren’t wandering around parking lots longer than necessary.

We know Black Friday is an appealing day to hit the stores and that’s why we’re here to help. If you have questions about your coverage in case of a car accident or theft, feel free to contact one of our helpful agents today. Happy shopping!


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