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Auto Insurance Tips From AAL Insurance Agent Jody Leonhardt-Kihn

Auto Insurance Tips From AAL Insurance Agent Jody Leonhardt-Kihn

Hello & Merry Christmas!

I don’t know about you but fall flew by and now winter is beginning! We all know what this means….snow, sleet, rain, other drivers reacquainting themselves with the roads and these kinds of driving conditions. That being said, accidents will happen and it is our job to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

With this in mind, let’s talk transportation expenses and rental reimbursement coverage which is an optional endorsement available on all personal auto policies.

Transportation expense and rental reimbursement coverage provides a variety of limits (from $30/day with $900 maximum to $100/day with $3000 maximum for up to 30 days) to cover the costs of temporary transportation due to a covered loss. In the past, 30 days of coverage under normal circumstances was sufficient. However, with a lack of employees and shipping times for parts taking much longer than anticipated (anywhere from 30 days to several months), we suggest one of the alternative options:

  • If your car is drivable, do not drop it off for repairs until the body shop has received all the parts to complete the repair.
  • If it can be repaired enough for you to safely drive, but still needs minor parts, (such as computer chips or accessory items), go with this option so that you have a car and the body shop can call you when those parts are received.
  • If your car is not repairable in a timely fashion, have a conversation with your agent or claim adjuster. If you are in a position that you can wait for an extended period of time for your car as opposed to it being declared a total loss, it may be a better option for you as the prices for new and used cars are currently over-inflated.

 These are just a few suggestions and do not cover every situation. Your agent is your best resource and has a wealth of knowledge. Please don’t hesitate to call them and ask questions.

 Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

 Jody Leonhardt-Kihn

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