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6 Safety Tips for Your Next Tailgate

6 Safety Tips for Your Next Tailgate

As the days get shorter and the temperature begins to cool, we know fall is right around the corner. But this also means it’s football season for many avid fans! With that, we also have the friends, food and fun of tailgating.  Sitting in a parking lot before the big game has become as large of an event as the games themselves, but with that can come many hazards that are easily prevented. So before you find a parking space, fire up the grill and crack open a cold one, consider these important tailgating safety tips.

1. Don’t forget the ice!
Not only for keeping your drinks nice and chilled, but meat can begin to spoil as soon as the temperature rises above 40 degrees. Be sure to keep those burgers and brats on ice until it’s time to cook. When it is time to handle your food, have clean plates, utensils and any other surfaces that food may come into contact and wash your hands before and after touching raw meat.

2. Dispose your coals properly
If you’re using a charcoal grill, wait until the coals have had plenty of time to cool before placing your grill back into your vehicle. Some stadium parking lots even offer coal disposal units you can dump your charcoal into.

3. Clean up
Make sure before you drive away you have picked up all of your items. Running over cans, bottles or even that grill you left to cool could do some serious damage to your vehicle.

4. Hide your valuables
Before entering the game, hide any valuables out of view and lock your doors with your alarms set. Unfortunately, criminals may take advantage of a large event where many vehicles will be unattended for multiple hours.

5. Stay alert
Before, during or after an event, a crowded parking lot can lead to many inattentive people all around you. Stay alert when in the parking lot at all times, whether you’re driving or a pedestrian walking through.

And of course…
6. Always designate a sober driver
This goes without saying, always have a designated sober and responsible driver. It could save someone’s life!

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