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4th of July Tips to Keep Your Holiday Safe

4th of July Tips to Keep Your Holiday Safe

It’s almost time for Independence Day celebrations! This means fireworks, grilling out, trips to the lake and enjoying the company of your friends, family and loved ones.  The Fourth of July is always a holiday to look forward to, but make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to stay safe during your celebrations as well!

Here are a few easy tips to make safety a part of your Fourth of July festivities this year.

Firework Safety Tips

The beautiful sight of fireworks on the Fourth of July is a long-standing tradition that many people look forward to year-round! While they may be pretty to look at, fireworks can also be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to properly use them. Be sure to review these firework safety tips before purchasing or using consumer fireworks.

  • Look up local laws regarding the use of fireworks in your area.
  • Never allow children to light fireworks or sparklers without adult supervision.
  • Wear proper safety equipment when shooting off fireworks at home.
  • Only use fireworks and sparklers outdoors.
  • Properly dispose of fireworks by wetting them down and placing them in a metal trash can after use.
  • Avoid bringing pets around firework displays.

Grilling Safety Tips 

As the holidays approach, you can practically smell the burgers, brats and hot dogs sizzling on the grill! Cooking out is a great way to prepare food while hanging out on the patio with your friends and family. Before you pull out the grill, make sure you refresh your knowledge with a few important grilling safety tips.

  • Make sure you’re always using propane and charcoal grills outdoors to avoid house fires.
  • Place your grill at least ten feet away from your house, garage or other structures.
  • Keep your grill clean! Grease and fat buildup from the grill or the trays below the grill can easily catch fire if not maintained.
  • After cooking on a gas grill, make sure you completely close the propane valve.
  • Teach your children proper grill safety to avoid any injuries.

Swimming Safety Tips

As the weather heats up, the trips to the pool, the lake and the beach increase too! While swimming is a great way to keep cool and have fun, you should also know basic water safety to keep everyone safe as you splash around.

  • Try to always swim with a buddy. Swimming alone can be dangerous if something happens to you while you’re in the water.
  • Never leave children or inexperienced swimmers unattended in the water.
  • If you’re on a boat, ensure you have proper life jackets for every passenger on board.
  • If you hit the beach or public pool, swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.

You should always make sure you’re properly prepared for hosting family and friends, especially on major holidays. For more tips or if you have questions about your current insurance coverage, be sure to reach out to us and learn more.


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